What to do now?

First steps – initial meeting

Arrange a confidential appointment with Woodhill Mediation for an initial meeting. These appointments are usually between you and the mediator without your ex-partner present (your ex will have their own separate appointment).

This meeting gives you the opportunity to explain your situation, main concerns and worries. The mediator will also give you information about how mediation would work for your particular circumstances.

This meeting is often referred to as the ‘ Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting ‘ or MIAM.
It is best to meet a mediator at the early stages after you and your ex-partner have decided to separate – before disagreements escalate. But if you have been separated for some time, or have started court proceedings, mediation can help resolve issues in dispute.

The law says you must consider mediation to help you resolve your arrangements before you take your disputes through the court process. This means (unless particular circumstances, such as domestic abuse has occurred) you need to attend a MIAM.

I want to schedule my initial meeting